Lose To Win 2 – Community Challenge GX Week 1 and 2


This Blog Post is for Community Challenge GX WEEK 1 and 2

Dear friends,

For Community Challenge Participants – Message from Chief Trainer Zhywee

To all GXers,

Welcome to Lose To Win 2010 Community Challenge.

Congratulations on being our very first pioneer batch. 😉 Theme – Learning Mode.

Gradually built your intensity, pace yourself and yes, Coordination! It is all about You and Your Team finding the Superhero within yourself to reach a full potential. Its all about creating as many movements that you can’t even imagine! With variety of movements applied to your body, it will challenge your fitness to a different level.

Dont underestimate the importance of the conditioning movements in this class.

Moves to get you Inspired, Lifted and UP! We will Take u to a place to get fit or even fitter. We do have a bootcamp training type of feel in the workouts along the way so everybody can workout at their own fitness level. So everybody can achieve what you’re after. Big Cardiovascular movements and Big sound tracks kicking you to a great heart pumping fitness. Get Funky and find ur funky flavor. Have fun and groove to the music.

Not too sure about the movements? Hey just jog on the spot and move to the same directions with your team even if your doing a totally entire different movement. Be silly and laugh about it. Without realizing, you are burning a great number of calories! Who says exercise is suppose to be ONLY running!

Conditioning move of the week, Squats and Lunges! It really do help u in your day in and out for daily life, to stay strong and powerful for your lower body, be it getting up from a chair or even sprinting off to catch your bus! Choose your options wisely from our Coaches. Never compromise on form. Do it slow if you need to. Its better to see you doing 10 great form of squats than 40 bad squats. Most importantly, stay safe.

To all my athletes reading this out there at any levels (Yes you. Dont look behind!), Enjoy and groove to the workouts this week

Its Fun. It’s Fresh. It will help you to feel fantastic! Get your engines started for Lose to Win 2010!

Safety Rules to Follow

  • If you are not feeling well or have flu like symptoms, you are not to allowed to join in the exercise sessions
  • You are to free to choose if you want to workout or stop working out with TFG’s Fitness coaches at any time
  • You are free to choose which (1) exercises or (2) intensities you want to do. Should you feel it is too hard or unable to do so, you can choose to not to do the exercise.
  • If you need to see a medic, please inform your fitness coach and your buddy first.

Learning Mode

The first 2 weeks are strictly on ‘learning mode’. Do not work too hard and force yourself. The goals for this week are to get to know each other and learn the basic exercises. Its all about creating lots of movements to your body. Loosen up and groove to the music!

TRX Shoot (172)

Much Love,

Coach Zhywee


Your Offline ‘Homework’

As mentioned during our first lesson for the week – you have to know this very basic principle and equation to losing fat and weight

Weight loss = Caloric Intake < Caloric Expenditure

What do you have to do now?

  • Increase your caloric expenditure – Aim for 150 minutes of exercise per week. Climb 5 Storey of stairs by end of week.
  • Lower your caloric intake – Eat, but eat lesser. Do not eat to the point that you’re full. Lower your food intake this and next week by 10%. Or you can even request for a lesser portion when ordering your meals.

Your Online  ‘Homework’

For any kind of intervention that is related to fitness, there are always the physical and mental angles that we should work on.

For this week, I need you to fill up the bottom portion of this blog post (Speak Your Mind Tell us what you’re thinking)

Write down the reasons why you want to achieve your goal, even if it’s simply wanting to look good in time for the festive season or even for your kids/family.

Studies have shown that keeping a log is a great way to maintain a consistent workout plan. Keeping a log that your friends can see is an excellent motivator to stick to your routine. Knowing that you are going to be accountable will get you off the couch on those days when motivation wanes. You will look forward to finishing your workout and showing off your progress on this page.

Remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing makes it easier to face any obstacles ahead.

Here’s some guidelines.

A) What are your fitness goal?
B) What are the reasons why you want to achieve your goals?
C) How do you intend to achieve it?
D) Write what you feel about your Fitness coaches and teammates.
(E) Whenever you complete a physical activity of at least 10 minutes, TELL US HERE! :) Just come back and keep adding to the comments. We would love to hear from you. Inspire us!