Lose To Win 2009 Reunion on April 2010 – Whoosh!


Dear LTW 2009 Participants :)

It was great meeting so many of you again last Saturday – What made us trainers and HPB proud / happy is that *MANY* of you have continued to slim down (or maintain your weight) and most importantly, look fitter and stronger.  The TFX Fit Test proved it!  We thank you for keeping up with your fitness workouts and eating right.

Hope you like the TFX Functional Bodyweight and TFX Flow Fitness that we did together. Glad you loved our Indoor GX Workouts with Zhywee and gang too. Keep up the energy :)

Well I’m going to keep this short and sweet (I’ll try).

TFX Fit Test – Now you know where you stand – aim for improvement in the repetitions per station. Bravo 2 – 200%,  Bravo 1 – 150%, Alpha 2 – 125% and Alpha 1 – 100%. As an example, for Alpha 1, if you could do 20 push ups, aim for 40 by the time we do the Final Fitness Assessment at the stadium in the 5th Week. Do note that the Fit Test is not official but was done for all of us so that we know how fit (unfit) we are and what we should aim to improve by the next 5 weeks.

Learn: Fitness – One Hundred and Fifty It’s simple – in one week, clock at least 150 minutes of physical activity.

Prevent weight gain

150-250 minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity is associated with prevention of weight gain

More than 150 minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity is associated with modest weight loss.

Weight loss

150-250 minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity provides only modest weight loss. Greater amounts (ie. >250) provide clinically significant weight loss.

For weight maintenance after weight loss

There is some evidence that  >250 minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity will prevent weight re-gain.

Table adapted from ACSM website on 28th April 2010.

There’s no homework or assignments – but feel free to drop a comment with regards to any of the following yeah?

  1. You thoughts on the workouts done (Reunion workouts) so far
  2. How you can  achieve your 150 minutes minimum a week?
  3. What you see in others that’s inspiring during our sessionss?

Go for it! :)

Oh by the way, HPB has made us the official vendor for Corporate Weight Management workshop -It includes fitness, nutrition and psychological components – the TFG way. Your company only pays $100 out of the near $600 hour lecture.   We will also provide a BMI machine for your company at location for a whole week for you and your colleagues to measure your BMI. The low cost is made possible by the generous sponsor (NTUC) and of course HPB funding. It is only limited to 50 companies, within these next 5 months. If you’re interested, kindly get your HR or Wellness manager to enquire at mail@teamfitnessguru.com

Looking forward to meeting all 80+ of you again soon on Saturday.

Your humble fitness coach,


Lose to Win judging criteria

lose to win

It’s been more than a month that we’ve ended our National Fitness campaign 3 month fitness Bootcamp with HPB – the Lose to Win challenge.

TFG have been getting lots of enquiries of what the judging criteria is like.

As TFG are the main people who get you to move (yes physically and also in the areas of psychology) – we have always remained partial. Yes we’re the ones who asked for the 3 assessment times, but do note that we’re in no way related to measuring your performance during pre, mid and post intervention (the fitness bootcamps). The other company was paid to do the assessment for you guys (in a way, to measure TFG’s success yardstick too) 😉

Here’s what it is.

As mentioned from the start of the challenge, it’s not just about losing weight.

If you have any comments or feedback with regard to the whole Lose to Win challenge (all processes) – please feel free to comment below.

By the way, some of us – Lose to win participants and I will be Live on 93.8Fm this Monday, 21st Jan 2009. Catch us then! (I’m not very good with impromptu radio interviews so please bear with me ya?)

10.10am – 10.25am Interview segment 1
10.30am – 10.40am News Break
10.45 – 11am Interview Segment 2

Let’s go!~

Score Guide
% Weight Loss

20 pts (max)

12% – 15%  = 20pts
9% – 11%    = 15 pts
6% – 8%      = 10 pts
3% – 5%      = 5 pts
0 – 2%         = 3 pts
Based on measurements at Fitness Assessment 1 & 3

HPB recommends weight loss of not more than 1kg per week.

% Body Fat Loss

20 pts (max)

≥ 5%          = 20 pts
4%          = 18 pts
3%          = 15 pts
2%          = 10 pts
1%          = 5 pts
0             = 1 pt
Based on measurements at Fitness Assessment 1 & 3

30 pts (max)

3 Fitness Assessments = 5 pts
3 Nutrition Workshops = 5 pts

Boot camp – Total of 21
No. of sessions      points
20 – 21   = 20 pts
17 – 19  = 15 pts
14 – 16  = 10 pts
11 – 13  = 5 pts

Participants who fail to attend at least 10 boot camp sessions and miss any 1 Fitness Assessment and Nutrition Workshop will receive zero point
Fitness Index (Level)

20 pts (max)
Fitness Assessment 2 = 10 pts (max)

Fitness Assessment 3 = 10 pts (max)

Fitness Index
< 70

10 pts (max)

Completion of Pre-evaluation form =  5 pts

Completion of Post-evaluation form = 5 pts

Lose to Win Week 12 – The end of our Journey together – Thank You

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (428)

Dear Friends,

It’s been quite a ride hasn’t it? 3 months together..

As the overall in charge of all fitness workouts and operations for the Lose to win Fitness Bootcamp portion, I’d like to thank everyone involved in this excellent project. 

  • Chief Trainers Zhywee and Faz- always working hard to get your team together to ensure the best for our clients…  on and off the training ground… your planning.. your drive.. your motivation.. your dedication.. your leadership.. what would I do without you two..
  • Dy Chief Trainers Matt Azmy and Ying Bin – for the support you’ve given to your Chief Trainers.. admin, logistics and operations..
  • All TrainersJack of all Fitness trades and master of some! Your dedication and effort goes beyond the call of duty.. the hundreds (literally hundreds) of exercises and modifications.. the hours you spend on researching and looking for something new to ensure variation of exercises.. your contribution to the exercise prescription.. We were strong from the start.. and now we’re so much stronger..   Remember what I always say – we must stay on top of the game.. always overdeliver.. and this project have proved to everyone that you’re the best out there.. inspirational, professional and ‘human’ at the same time!  Thank you for being by my side.
  • I salute you:
    • Zhywee
    • Faz
    • Lisa
    • Ying Bin
    • Matt Azmy
    • Saiyidah Aisyah
    • Andyn
    • Hubert
    • Sukhbir
    • Arnold
    • Herman
    • Adler
    • Stacey
    • Nick
    • Nurul
    • Arfah
    • Damian
    • Zul
    • Lester
    • Sivan
  • Lose to Win participants –  I remember the first day that I met you, some were looking nervous, some excited.. you guys seem to be sizing me and the other trainers up that day :)
  • It’s been 3 months.. we’ve been through so much together – and the trainers, your colleages, your platoon mate, your company mates.. have seen how much you’ve improved in fitness and change in body shape..It’s just OUTSTANDING.
  • From ground zero to hero. Do you know that according to research, there is a high dropout rate within the first month amongst overweight individuals when it comes to exercise? Look at you! Going strong even beyond thses 3 months.  Not only you give your best during the bootcamps, you are also motivated to workout on your own – even after the first week of bootcamp.. I wonder what’s the secret to your exercise adherance *winks*And your nutrition workshops – yes you’ve gone to seek knowledge.. but seriously, what is knowledge without taking action? You need the drive and motivation.. since Week 1 you acquired it.. together with your colleages and the trainers – remember how we inspire one another..  you Stepped Up to the challenge..
  • I was talking to a member of parliment (MP) about this programme and she asked me if you guys will continue this healthy lifestyle on your own..  I answered her with full confidence, “I’m sure they would.. most of them love exercising now” :)Look back – what have you improved within these 3 months? (These are the things that I hear from you guys)
    1. Physique
    2. Cardio ability
    3. Endurance
    4. Balance
    5. Joint Mobility
    6. Motor skill coordination
    7. Agility
    8. Speed
    9. Fat levels (lowered)
    10. Strength and more muscle mass
    11. Power
    12. Flexibility (Yeaps – Yoga and Pilates Baybeyy!!)
    13. Higher bone density (Thanks to the plyometrics and weight bearing activities)
    14. Energy levels
    15. Health levels (lower cholesterol levels,
    16. Increase the high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good,” cholesterol in your bodies. Decreased triglycerides levels.
    17. Moods (Greater levels of Endophins when you exercise well)
    18. Lower stress levels
    19. Better sleep and rest
    20. Communication with your teammates and platoons
    21. Camadarie
    22. Anymore to add? – enter in comments..


Congratulations on your success.. please keep this fire burning and keep your workouts interesting!

  • HPB – For your believe in our passion for fitness, exercise prescription, delivery of physical activity and choosing Team Fitness Guru over the other giant fitness companies in Singapore.  Thank you also for the patience.. and letting us do what we do best – Fitness! It’s definitely been a nice experience working as a Fitness Partner to your National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign.
  • DMC – Steven Tang – Bro.. it all starts from you.. I still vividly remember our first conversation.. I remember you introducing yourself.. and I said we may be too busy for this project.. haha.. For companies looking for an event organiser.. This is the man that you want. Knowledgable and efficient at Event Management – just look at his work for NHLC 2008 and 2009!
  • Corporate Sponsors – For the partnership, funding and drinks!
  • Medics – for the medical support you’ve give to the participants
  • Mediacorp – For doing a great job in the Lose to Win Reality show (Channel 5 and 8 ) – Gurmit, Pornsak, Lin Cui Fang & Yuan Shuai – it was great working with you guys.

Bootcampers… This is just the beginning.. we want you back next year to inspire the 2010 Lose to Win participants (as idols and role models – not as participants 😉 ). Come back with BMI levels of below 20 as agreed ya? :)

Thank you for being a good sport…  for  very much for giving your best during your workouts – you’ve gone so far..

Thank you for the partnership.. without your permission, the trainers could not have carried out our jobs effectively..  it was definitely GREAT working with you to to to attain a higher level of fitness  and improving your health..

Thank you for being a good friend – to the trainers and I … we will miss you dearly.. all of you..

I wish you all the best in your future fitness endeavours – remember – variety, progression, overload and fun. For those who signed up for our regular bootcamps – our fun continues! We see you real soon! :)

Keep in touch..  add me in facebook !


Signing out,

Wishing you success,

Yours Sincerely,

Master Trainer

A little gift from us – More photos in Trainers’ facebook

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (388)
East Side

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (213)East Side strong man – HPB’s Gary Khoo

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (255)Is this supposed to be a bootcamp? Why is everyone laughing?

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (324)The mind spa

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (395)Group photo!

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (217)The number game

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (274)Noone gets left behind

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (285)Er.. thank you East Side.. 😛

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (438)Loving Chief Trainer Zhywee

FBC LoseToWin 241009 (479)A well deserved rest