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Just came back from TRX Train the Trainer course conducted by Fitness Anywhere’s Fitness director (and my mentor) Fraser Quelch, together with his master trainers Neil Mallinson and Dan McDonogh! It’s certainly an honour and privilege to be the first 2 Singaporeans to be trained to become TRX master trainers in the near future.

All my clients know that I do not sell any supplements or equipments. That is about to change, with the TRX.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for more than 14 years – I find that the TRX is one of the most versatile and outstanding piece of equipment that everyone should have in their bags. Best of all, it’s for people of all Fitness levels – from beginner to elite athletes.

Benefits of TRX Suspension Training


There’s too many benefits to the TRX. I’m just going to list down a few here

  1. It’s ‘All core all the time’
  2. It’s fun, and functional
  3. It can be easily learned and resistance level adjusted so that those at ground zero fitness can work on it. The TRX can be very challenging elite athletes.
  4. The TRX is small and light – fits in a bag and weighs less than 2 pounds and can be used anywhere
  5. I personally thought it was expensive until I’ve used it for my own training. In all sincerity, the price is low for the benefits that you’ll get in return from your workouts. I strongly recommend everyone to invest in one if you’re into fitness.

Here’s what you can achieve (for beginners or the advanced) just by using the TRX alone, in 1 month.

  1. Improve your strength and balance
  2. Improve your flexibility
  3. Improve your cardio and endurance
  4. Improve your functionality


Make your body your machine

TRX® Suspension Training® harnesses your own bodyweight to create resistance as you train. That’s all you need – the TRX and your own body. No additional weights required.

Unlimited Versatility

We’re all unique. Not only is each individuals body built a little differently, but we each fill our lives with a mix of physical activities that can require specific training. TRX Suspension Training allows you to instantly adjust not only the level of difficulty for each exercise, but you can easily customize any workout on the fly.

Maximize your training time

You can easily switch from exercise to exercise in less than 15 seconds. This allows you to maximize your training time and enables circuit style workouts.

Build core strength

Killer abs are great, but more importantly, having a strong core will prevent injuries, improve posture and increase overall strength. This is because all of our movements are powered by the torso – the abs and back work together to support the spine during everyday activities and exercise. Suspension Training builds core strength with every exercise by creating an element of instability that calls on your core to provide balance and coordination.

Life doesn’t happen sitting down

In real life, our bodies move to the side, backwards, forwards and diagonally. Shouldn’t we train the same way? Unlike traditional weight training that tends to be linear and follow one plane of movement (sagittal), Suspension Training encourages multiplanar training (frontal, sagittal, transverse) which integrates all your motions and mimics real life movement. This will bring a muscular balance to your body, increasing performance and preventing injuries.


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TRX Personal Training

If you’re interested to get one of our fitness professionals to guide you through some of the exercises with the TRX, you may want to email us at You dont need to buy a TRX if you train with one of us. Rate is $158 for 1 session or $990 for 10 sessions (Quote PROMO Code: TRXPT in your email). Do let me know if you’re interested.


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Videos of TRX Suspension Training

Here’s some videos of some practical applications of the TRX.

Fitness Anywhere Video

For Beginners

Fitness Anywhere Video

For Advanced

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Update me on the success you’re achieving with the TRX!

Your’s in Fitness,

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