Corporate Teambuilding and Workshops

Team Building

We will provide your company with team fitness challenges and activities that will require your staff to work together as an efficient unit to complete each challenging fitness related activity. Each task is designed to develop individual and team working skills. We hope we can help your company’s staff to acquire some new team working skills and develop team working and communication skills they already possess.

Fitness Workouts

Many companies and organizations just want to treat their staff to a rewarding and fun experience to improve company morale and to improve inter-office relationships. As modern businesses become increasingly dependent on technology; company staff need opportunities to develop inter-personal skills and better relationships with each other.

Your staff will need to communicate with each other, motivate and encourage one other, laugh and have fun together while getting lots of good physical exercise! They will definitely learn more about each other and gain a new appreciation of their colleagues and friends.

DragonBoat Team building and Fitness

Our fun dragon boat team-building programme is a fun activity as well as an exercise programme for teams, colleagues and friends. Dragon boating is also an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by people of different age groups. It provides a good workout and requires coordination and teamwork from all participants.

Team Outcomes: Improved communication and understanding. Better group morale and promotes team bonding. Increases appreciation of roles, purpose, and group-established expectations. Enhances Communal support and encouragement and boosts team productivity.

WORKSHOP: Comprehensive Nutrition & Exercise Physiology

A fitter employee and executive means higher productivity. Learn how to eat well and train smart to keep the body and mind functioning at optimum levels!

Fit Body, Smart Mind. 

Professionals, managers and executives are busy individuals - juggling work, family and other aspects of life. This workshop teaches them how to utilise their time efficiently when working out to bring out the best in them. This covers designing their own 10 or 30 workout programs to guidelines of healthy eating. Theory and practical.

Mental Skills of the Champion

Learn the mental skills of world class athletes and champions. Employ what works for them on the field and track, into our daily lives to achieve high levels of productivity!

Exercise programming

All of us can workout and walk, briskwalk and hit the gym. But only a handful knows how to develop a customised exercise programme for himself based on his goals. Learn the elements of fitness and crystallize your (multiple) goals. They'll also find out what exercise to do for the different outcomes, how many repetitions and sets per exercise, how to perform an exercise to achieve max results in the shortest time.

Flat Tummy Hacks Workshop (NEW!)

Here's the practical truth: You can have your cake and eat it too. This talk will teach you what you can eat. What you can do. How to eat your favourite food and still achieve that flat stomach. Eat 'anything' you want, workout less than 5% of your time in the week. This is a sit-down, no exercise workshop, so you don't need to come in exercise attire.

Flatter Tummy Hacks: For men and women

Here's what you'll get when you attend the #flattummyhacks workshop:

1) Evidence-based, One-Hour Sit Down Lecture

2) Strategic Checklist to flatter tummy

3) Tasty and Healthy E-book

4) 1-week Nutrition Analysis

5) Mental Skills Plan

6) Activity Prescription

7) Practical knowledge for application

Utilising technology for Health & Fitness

There are too many apps out there on fitness - which results in us not knowing which is the best ones to use. We all have mobile phones and some of us, smart watches. Let's use them to help improve our health. In this talk, learn what are the best tools you can have in your pocket or wrist to

1) track your activity level and sleep patterns

2) journal your food (with local food database) and exercises done

3) remind you to move when you're sedentary

4) analyse whether you've been eating too much, and eating too much of the wrong thing

5) track weight loss goals and get advice on what you can do to achieve it.

Nutrition Talks and Workshops

Nutrition Talks

Eating without Guilt

10 tips for a healthier lifestyle. Today, we are presented with an ever-increasing number of fad diets that promise to be better than the ones before. Diets are often unsustainable and short-term in nature; so don’t be too hard on yourself every time you fall off the bandwagon in the pursuit of keeping lean and fit. The ten tips mentioned in this session will provide you with a guide to make essential lifestyle changes that will benefit you greatly in the long run. Get your family members and friends on board as well to begin a new and healthier lifestyle together!

Healthy Eating for Seniors Aging gracefully

Something all of us look forward to. As we age, many changes occur within our body affecting our absorption and utilisation of nutrients. Recommendations are provided based on the Healthy Eating Guidelines for the Older Adult and we will also discuss other important factors that affect food intake in this group of individuals and effective strategies to overcome them. Recommended for caregivers too.

Eating healthily with rice.

Rice is a staple food in our diets, especially in an Asian country like ours. With the declaration of war on diabetes by MOH a year ago, we are advised to reduce our consumption of rice to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. However, it is easier said than done. In this session, you will get a chance to learn more about healthier alternatives to white rice, its cooking methods, delicious recipes and more!

Diet and Disease

The current local statistics on disease prevalence is alarming. This session encourages you to take a deeper look into our lifestyles and its implications. We will also explore modifiable behavioural factors to reduce our risk in developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, high blood cholesterol and stroke.

Nutrition for Energy

Could your diet be affecting your performance? Do you often reach for sugary snacks to last you till the end of the work day? With our hectic schedules, lunch is oftentimes our most important meal to power us through the day. In this talk, we discuss the fundamentals of our body’s main fuels and how we can make the best of food around us to avoid sluggishness.

The Blood Type Diet

Is eating according to your blood type the healthy way to get lean? After all, we know that everyone's body responds differently to food and exercise and since our blood type contributes to our genetic makeup, it seems like the right step to take. Many have claimed that this diet has worked for them, but will it work for you too? In this session, we will explore the basis of the blood type diet, what it entails and seek to understand how it has worked for so many people worldwide. We will then discuss its suitability for those with chronic diseases and the research surrounding the blood type diet.

Are you getting enough protein?

With all the bad rep surrounding carbohydrates, sugar and fat, it seems like protein is our best bet for a healthy diet. Protein forms the building blocks for our skin, muscles, hormones, etc., but how much is enough? What happens when we consume a high-protein diet for prolonged periods? Is protein supplementation necessary?

Nutrition, walking and bone health

Our body is a marvel of Nature. It is created for mobility, to play and to work. However, as we age, exercising or moving the body can be painful and many may feel helpless without their medication. However, they do not realise that although the movement causes pain, it is also the only thing that will help in the long term. With less movement, the body loses its muscle strength and bone density, making the joints work harder than usual, resulting in a vicious cycle. There is a lot that we can do now, before the inevitable process of aging kicks in. Eating the right foods, in the right quantity, can help prevent bone-related issues such as osteomalacia and osteoporosis. 

Nutrition Workshops

Healthy Lunch @ Work

Majority of office workers tend to purchase their lunches out every day of the week. These foods tend to be higher in saturated fat and sodium and are not good ingredients for a healthier lifestyle, especially over the long term. With Healthy Lunch @ Work, employees are encouraged to prepare their own lunches at least 1-2 times a week. Preparing your own meals doesn’t have to be that time-consuming or expensive as we explore ways you can cut on preparation time and cost while enjoying a satisfying, delicious lunch with your colleagues! Participants will get a chance to display their creativity as they get into groups and prepare a healthy lunch from the ingredients provided. A healthy competition to spur them on in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle! Ideas for healthy lunch: kebabs/wraps, soba noodle salad, sandwich, mini pizza). Location: A place where food preparation is permitted and preferably with a sink nearby to wash hands/utensils. Min pax: 12 (4 groups of 3) Max pax: 25 (5 groups of 5)

Changing your mindset

Ask anyone about healthy eating and most likely they will be able to tell you that it involves eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting sugary beverages and snacks. Though we know it well, how many of us actually practice it? This workshop aims to equip participants with a deeper understanding of why we make certain choices daily and how it is affecting our diet. With a few simple steps, we can make a more conscious effort to make the healthier switch. As a small experiment for the purpose of this workshop, participants will be offered two varieties of beverages/food/snacks (e.g. plain tortilla chips vs rice crackers or fruit yoghurt vs canned fruit) right before the talk,without knowing that one can actually be better/healthier than the other. Based on their choice, we will discuss why they have made that choice and identify ways we can change their mindset and habits. Min pax: 20 Max pax: Unlimited

Do you know what goes into your favourite foods?

What makes your favourite foods e.g cookies, ice cream, chips, so tasty? While we know about the main nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fat and fibre, how many of us actually knows what trans fat and MSG does to our body? Not only that, high fructose corn syrup, nitrates and other chemicals with names that we can’t even pronounce are part of our food supply which can affect our health. Consumption of these processed foods may lead to addiction and cause people to lose control over how much they are eating.In this workshop, participants will be exposed to the common preservatives and additives that goes into fast food e.g. pizzas, burgers,fries and other processed food e.g. cookies, chips, microwave meals. A hands-on session with food packaging/nutrition labels participants will allow a better understanding of the ingredients listed on the nutrition label and how they can make healthier choices. Min pax: 15 Max pax: Unlimited

No more sugercoating it

Is sugar the villain for our rising obesity rates globally and locally? Are artificial sweeteners harmful and cause cancer? Is honey better than maple syrup? There are many conflicting evidence out there regarding what is good and what is not, so it is important that we put aside our assumptions and set the record straight on this popular topic. Participants will get a chance to sample a few types of food containing either commercial sugar, artificial sweeteners or natural sweeteners and discuss any differences in taste. They will learn how our body utilises sugar and how over-consumption of sugar can impact our health. Min pax: 15 Max pax: Unlimited

Getting up close with WHOLE GRAINS

Have you and your family made the switch to whole grains yet? Why or why not? As more efforts are being taken by the government and local food companies to increase the variety of whole grain options available, we should also do our part to go on board this healthy initiative.As participants learn more about whole grains, its structure and benefits,they will also be able to sample some whole grain snacks and decide for themselves if they would like to join the whole grain bandwagon. Wholegrain products are not just limited to rice, cereals and breads as more companies are looking to include more whole grain noodles to suit our Asian cuisines as well. Participants will learn more about whole grain options currently available in the market and different ways to enjoy them as part of a healthy diet. Min pax: 15 Max pax: Unlimited

Other possible topics : Customisable talks available

1. Sports nutrition for athletes/fitness trainers – nutritional requirements for athletes for various sports intensities and duration

2. Keeping hydrated in a warm, humid climate – rundown of various drinks and which ones are best for hydration, sports, etc

3. Diet and Cancer – nutritional management of cancer, complementary and alternative medicine (CAMs) and its interaction with cancer treatment and nutritious snacks ideas

4. A family that eats together, stays together – importance of instilling healthy eating habits in children from a young age, factors that contribute to child obesity and practical ways to encourage your child to eat their vegetables

5. Healthy and smart grocery shopping - reading nutrition labels

Your teambuilding goals, we facilitate.

Coach Sharm has been leading his company Fitness Guru Private Limited and Team Fitness Guru. Together with his strong team of managers and coaches, they facilitate many teambuilding programmes for companies – from startups to MNCs.

We design team based fitness programmes to suit your staff’s level of fitness, abilities and corporate needs.

These include:

  • Team building skills
  • Dragonboat
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Leadership and planning skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Confidence and mutual trust
  • and Physical fitness

Here’s some of his satisfied clients:

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